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Scanning Albedo outdoors

Here is an older blog post from my Artstation

I will probably end up doing a video tutorial on this, but here is a few cool shots and some explanations of the process.



Nikon D810
Sigma 50mm Art Lens + CPL
Godox AR400 Strobe + Custom polarizer mount

What you will see here is just raw scan geo with slightly cleaned UVs, rendered in marmoset.

The subject of this post is a large rock around the wellington coast line, It was captured on a blue sky evening, in the shade of a hill.

I shot two passes of this object, one with Parallel-polarization, and one with cross-polarization

The end geometry from this shoot looked like this. the last frame in the gif is showing the result of the subtraction process for extracting a basic roughness map. (most renderers will need this to be inverted)

Rendered in Marmoset with a 22% grey flat spec map


I don't have the time currently to go too in-depth with this, but I should hope to get a video out at some point.