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Onset VFX Scanning

Our Origin Story

As an environment artist on major blockbusters, I was often left wondering why we lacked essential data from film shoots — clean textures, scans of rocks, even clean LiDAR. It became clear that tasks taking mere minutes to scan on set could save us hundreds of hours in post-production, yet this valuable data was rarely available.

Fast forward four years and we've built a pipeline from scratch, with workflows and pricing tailored to artists' needs. At Scan Space NZ, our advantage lies in knowing.

Our Advantage

Our specialty is understanding what productions need to succeed. We've custom-built hardware and software to capture data that allows artists to bypass days of work at no extra cost. From providing scans with flat textures to delivering data in user-friendly formats, everything we do is designed with the end user in mind.

With these tools, we can deliver hundreds to thousands of scans without the traditional overhead and costs that conventional vendors would impose.


More Data, Better Results.

At Scan Space NZ, we aim to provide flat rates* to productions. This approach liberates the VFX supervisor from having to decide which of the eight unique swords to scan — they can simply scan them all. If a set is shot requiring extensions, we offer full breakdown scans, individual textures and repeating objects, alongside comprehensive set LiDAR and set textures.


Spontaneously Mobile

Have you noticed how almost every on-set crew has the ability to move from studio to studio at a moment's notice, while VFX often requires a dedicated 'photo studio'? We noticed that too. At Scan Space, everything we offer is ultra-mobile and doesn't rely on occupying valuable studio space. we go where the work is.


What we offer

Our Services

LiDAR: LiDAR is the backbone of on-set VFX, and we aim to exceed expectations. We provide full-set LiDAR, complemented by bracketed DSLR textures, or even 'flash lit' under a controlled environment. If your sets are regularly changed, we'll scan each setup.


Photogrammetry: Our photogrammetry services are unparalleled. Almost every scan is shot under studio-like conditions, meaning we provide cross and parallel polarized textures, clean color reference and color correction, as well as incredibly accurate scale.

Textures: We deliver full photogrammetry textures of anything that could be useful. Our team often roams the studio, capturing interesting surfaces to offer production a vast array of clean, "delit" textures.
Objects: We scan any objects that could be useful, even if they're not slated for scanning by the production. Our scanning techniques do not require typical studio conditions to achieve superior results, allowing us to capture in-situ.
Props and Costumes: Thanks to our completely mobile system, we can capture props and costume elements in any 'dead zones' on the studio, saving production from having to reserve a 'scanning studio' for us.


Actor Scanning: We also offer actor scanning services and have access to a rig in Auckland.

Actor 4D Facial Performance Capture: Our fully mobile facial performance capture system can deliver a scale-accurate, multi-minute facial performance capture. This system is compact enough to stand by on-set, capturing the performance immediately after the actor has completed their take.

HDRI: We offer industry standard HDRI capture, as well as HDRI capture for individual set piece items that may require reflection mapping.


Where does this data go?

Here is a basic overview of our Set scanning deliverables, Studios differ in pipeline and complexity so this is very broad. however it helps illustrate the intended endpoints.

We have a detailed writeup on our assetizing processes here



Working to your needs

While this represents the core of what we offer, we're flexible and can adapt our deliverables to your specific needs. So, reach out and let's chat. We might just be able to devise a solution for you.

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