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Welcome to New Zealand

Scan Space NZ offers a variety of scanning services throughout New Zealand.
Our position in Wellington allows us to quickly travel to any location with relative ease.

Object Scanning

We provide facilities to scan objects, from delicate antiques to film props and elements.

Our studio offers Cross Polarized Photography, allowing you to get the best data for your use case.

Environment Scanning

We specialize in Environment scanning, and provide this service for all of New Zealand.

We also offer Cross polarized capture for surface samples so you can have ground truth reference of materials found on location.

Surface Scanning

Our studio has provided hundreds of datasets to some major texture library vendors at 2 square meters or more.

We offer two services

Scanning Type

Area Limit


Photometric Stereo




Surface Dependent


We offer both of these services nationwide.

We can also cater to the clients needs for dataset structure if raw data is all that is needed.

Hardware Development

We develop scanning solutions for bespoke conditions, this includes photometric stereo and large photogrammetry arrays